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Boeken te lezen of gelezen, ter info of vermaak. Ik ben het niet altijd met de inhoud eens, maar dat wil niet meteen zeggen dat ik een boek ook waardeloos vind. Beproeft alles; behoudt het goede! (Maar wel met verstand: 13 Want gij zijt tot vrijheid geroepen, broeders, alleenlijk gebruikt de vrijheid niet tot een oorzaak voor het vlees; Gal.5:13)


Peggy's search for her own spirituality led her away from her church, her ministry, her husband, and the God who loved her.

She returned to college. There a teacher who called herself a witch encouraged her to try mythical paths to self-empowerment.

"I had to find me," she explained later. "My journey has opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing God and myself."

"Who is Jesus Christ to you now?" I asked.

"He is a symbol of redemption," she answered. "But I haven't rejected the Bible. I'm only trying to make my spiritual experience my own. I feel like I'm in God's hands whether God is He, She, or It."

Can you identify with Peggy? Do you have friends on similar journeys?

Ignoring the danger signs, millions of girls and women are traveling down cultural freeways to self-made spirituality. Basing their beliefs on feelings, imagination, and mystical experiences, they are shaping a new consciousness that

  • touches every family
  • is transforming the church
  • blends truth with myth
  • twists angels into female gods
  • welcomes old and new goddesses
  • shows no tolerance for biblical faith
  • blinds women to the only God who can heal, save, and bring lasting peace

Perhaps you wonder why feminist myths and goddesses have become so believable to contemporary women. Where do their mystical experiences eventually lead? What happens to Christians in a world that follows "other gods"? How can we prepare for the coming conflict between biblical Christianity and the new global spirituality?

These and other questions will be explored in A Twist of Faith. You will also meet precious women who sought spiritual insight but were caught in a web of deception. Some are still trapped in a downward spiral they can't escape. Others have returned to the only God who loves them as they are, offers His strength in every struggle, and promises peace for all eternity.

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